Meeting Today’s Extreme Surgical Patient Positioning Demands

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Xodus Medical will donate a portion of the proceeds from October sales of the Pink Pad to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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ORToday Magazine Features the
Pigazzi Patient Positioning System

ORToday | June 2012
ORToday feature the PPPS in an article entitled "Patient Positioning for Robotic Surgery"

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"Safe Positioning for Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy"

AORN J 94 (July 2011) 37-45“Although shoulder support is needed because of the steep position of these procedures, use of shoulder restraints or braces is not recommended because of the documented occurrences of brachial plexus injuries.”

- AORN J 94 (July 2011) 37-45.

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The Pink Pad - Pigazzi Patient Positioning System

A Complete Positioning System for Use With:

Colorectal Procedures
Laparoscopic Procedures
Robotic Procedures
Gynecological Procedures
Urological Procedures

Current Patient Positioning Challenges

  • Prevent patients slipping while in Steep Trendelenburg positions.
  • Cross contamination risk with re-usable positioning products.
  • Minimal set-up and ease of use.
  • Maintaining patient’s positioning without undue constriction or pressure on the chest cavity.
  • Maintaining circulation.
  • Prevention against nerve damage and pressure ulcers.
  • Provide adequate exposure of the operative site.
  • Reduce OR set time and standardize patient positioning procedures.
  • Provide comfort and safety to the patient.

The Pigazzi Patient Positioning System Solutions

Shape-Conforming / High-Coefficient Friction Technology.
Molds to the patient’s body providing stability and maintains patient position throughout the procedure.

Single Patient Use.
Decreases potential cross contamination with reusables.

Minimal Set-Up and Ease of Use.
The PPPS system includes: a single use pad, disposable liftsheet, and body strap.

Highest Protection Against Nerve Damage and Pressure Ulcers.
Supports and secures without unnecessary pressure on the neck, shoulders, or arms.

Replaces Obsolete Positioning Devices.
That do not meet patient positioning demands of new advanced procedures. (i.e., eggcrate pad and tape, gel, beanbag, shoulder restraints and braces).

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